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Nolan Family

Stefani and I sung in choir together in college. It was the year of Dr. Bishop's Sabbatical to get his Doctorate, so Dr. Lunt returned for one final year of directing choir. It was one of the most exciting year's of my life. My memories of Stefani that year are of her sweetness, her inclusion of everyone around her, and her happiness.

There's the joke and superstition that if you drink the water from the water fountain in the choir room, you're a million times more likely to marry someone who "drank the water" as well. Well, neither of us married choir boys, but I have a secondary theory to the water. The water doesn't make people fall in love, it cements relationships and friendships. It bonds people together. Stefani and I knew each other, and I admired her, but we weren't BFFs. We ran in different circles, and it was okay. But, that connection to fellow members of the EAC Choir family is always there. I always feel close to a fellow choir nerd whether they were there before my time, during my time in choir, or after my time. 

Now, over 10 years later, I had the chance to catch back up with her as we met in downtown Willcox, AZ for their family photo session. They were all so cute and fun! I loved getting to meet Guy and the kids! 

Brigham was awesome. I asked him to fold his arms, and he went straight into prayer mode thinking that was just what was coming next.

Oh, a sister is just about the best invention there is. 

Any chance I have to get clients just doing their thing, I jump on it! Playing as a family is one of the best ways to loosen up, get real interactions, and the biggest smiles from the kids. It looks like real life, and real life is beautiful!