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Mowers Make a Home

In case you didn't know...I have a deep love of Pinterest. I use it as a search engine, a vision board, an organizational tool, a planning space, and on collaboration projects. It's one of my online BFF's. 

After moving into our current house at the beginning of June, I wasn't too worried about decorating as we'd be gone most of the summer. I knew though that when I got back that I wanted to hit it hard and really get the place put together. This time though, I told myself that I didn't have to put things up on the wall just because we have them. I want to choose what will look best, what represents us the most, and what fits the style we like. 

And then I froze. 

What style do I like? What do I put up? What do I make? How do I do this without spending a fortune?! 

I just wasn't sure how to go forward. The place felt meh. Not bad, but not anything special or truly us. 

And then the other night I was scrolling through kitchens on Pinterest and found this picture: 

And suddenly the heavens parted and ideas started coming!

Jaron + Rachel {Married!} || Mesa, AZ LDS Temple Wedding

When you have a wedding in Mesa in the summer, you just hold your breath that it won't be a 120 degree day. Well, whoever put in the weather order with the Big Guy sure knew what they were doing, because Rachel and Jaron's wedding day was absolutely beautiful. Especially for Mesa in the middle of August! 

Rachel's style was surprising at first, but absolutely perfect. The classy and simple bohemian look tied together absolutely flawlessly and suited their personalities so well. Laid back, simple, flowy, bright, and awesome!

10th Anniversary Portraits, on the other side of the lens!

As a photographer, I get to tell stories. Stories of families with worn out but happy parents. Stories of new love. Stories of college anticipation. Stories of those who have passed on. No two stories are ever the same. I coach clients on adding in memories and meaning to their sessions, because that will make them more special. I encourage people to dive deep into the shoot and get everything they can out of it. 

And then it came my turn and I felt a little paralyzed! About a year ago we started talking about doing something special for our 10th Anniversary, and I knew as a part of that I wanted photos (just like we did for our 5th Anniversary). But then I got stuck. How do I plan that? Of the millions of ideas, how do I narrow it down? It was overwhelming at first and I had a Pinterest board full of gorgeous ideas. But then I realized I wasn't even taking my own advice. If the encouragement is there for my clients to add meaning in, then shouldn't I? And after that everything started falling together, and we ended up with such a magical and meaningful Anniversary Session with Trisha Shelley Photography

Mike + Tanika || Sedona, AZ Engagement Session

This session post just wouldn't be complete without the story of how this all came about. Because to me this makes it even more sweet!

It had been a week since I had been outside. I'd almost forgotten that there was still life going on outside the hospital doors. And then Cameron came to take a few days with Ione while she was in the Special Care Nursery and I went home to rejuvenate for a few days. When it came time to go back, Cameron had a sweet surprise for me.