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Flowers by Ashlee || Vendor Spotlight

In September a friend and I organized a styled shoot in Silver City, NM. It was such a fun chance to meet some new creatives in the wedding industry, and to shoot with photographer friends old and new! And if you're wondering...nope, you haven't seen those styled shoot pictures up here on the blog yet. We're saving the mass until Trisha hears back about publication.

But I want to pull out a few of those today to introduce you to one of the amazing ladies that helped bring this all to life. Ashlee Baird, with Flowers by Ashlee, was our florist and did the most spectacular job bringing Trisha's design dreams to life. Can't you imagine the above photo at a sweet and intimate backyard wedding?! Gorgeous!

Kerry and Kathleen || Hyer Wools || New Mexico Small Business Portraits

I woke up that morning to eerie light filtering in the window. Sitting up I realized the high prairie was blanketed in a soft winter fog that made you feel like you were the only ones in existence, and that the world melted away just beyond the white shroud. You could just make out the dark shape of the sheep pen beyond the edge of the house, the low shapes of the sheep huddled together, and the slow moving white shape that had to belong to Melly, the watch dog.

Christmas Camping Memory

For Christmas one year, before we had kids, we decided that it would be fun to go camping. There'd been a snow storm a few days before, but we figured if we threw in every blanket we had, we'd be fine. It was just one night. 

Fish Family || Northern Arizona Photographer

The Fish family photos in the badlands near Joseph City was a session I'm still thinking about! We had originally planned a different location on a different day. Cameron had the car that day at work and was supposed to be home early. A friend called and needed help with childcare (as his wife was in early labor). I told them to bring the kids over, Cameron was coming home early and he could watch them while I left for the shoot, and everything would work well. And then Cameron called and said he wasn't going to be able to get home early, in fact he'd be later than normal. My carefully laid plan to make everything work that day unraveled! Desiree was so incredibly sweet about rescheduling so that I could watch the neighbor kids and Cameron could get to and from work. I felt awful about goofing things up, but it all ended up working in the end! 

They are an awesomely sweet and fun family! With the cold weather and head colds setting in that day, we did a last minute location change so that we could drive up in the warm truck rather than bundling up in the Rangers and going out adventuring. But don't worry, we're saving the first SUPER COOL spot for next spring when Mini Fish #5 makes their appearance! 

These kids were so incredibly fun and behaved during their session. They had energy like every kid does, but were so sweet to run in when it was time for a photo! Especially with the cold creeping in!